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The development of sustainable transport concepts for major events

A functioning traffic concept is elementary for the success of a major event. After all, without thoughtful management of the additional traffic, event planners run the risk of not being able to handle the volume of visitors. The additional motorized traffic in particular is a burden on people and the environment.

In the course of his bachelor’s thesis, Marktmeister Pro consultant Mirko Stolley looked at traffic concepts for major events and how they can be better designed with more sustainable mobility solutions. As an example, he analyzes the concept of the Haaner Kirmes. The event, held in the middle of the winding downtown, faces a severe parking shortage every year. In order to solve this problem, the most important components of a traffic concept, such as parking, public transport, bicycle and pedestrian concepts, are put under the microscope.

Market Master Pro facilitates work for and with transportation planners. Because the software allows you to read in the exact location data of your event. This gives you the opportunity to plan your event directly in a digital map.

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