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Event security: Marktmeister Pro supports the creation of security concepts

The task of market planners and other organizers of large-scale public events involves an immense responsibility. Thus, they not only have to ensure carefree leisure time. Above all, they are responsible for the safety of their guests so that they can enjoy the event to the fullest. The past has shown time and again that functioning safety concepts can even make the difference between life and death in an emergency. The development of such a security concept is therefore essential for any event in public space. And that requires thoughtful planning.

The aim of a safety concept is to identify possible dangerous scenarios and determine how to react in the event of an emergency. Possible scenarios primarily include evacuations and emergency operations. Whether it’s a fire, an accident, a power outage, severe weather or even a terrorist warning – security forces have to be ready for anything so they can act quickly.

The success of a safety concept is largely determined by two things:

  1. Security planning tailored to the event that takes into account all possible threat scenarios.
  2. Impeccable instruction and communication with all partners involved.

Individual security concept per event

Each type of event and each venue is subject to different circumstances. In order to design the contents of the safety concept, different questions must therefore be answered: What does the detailed site plan look like? What are the geographical conditions on site? Where does an ambulance fit through in an emergency? Are there steep hills on the site or corners that are harder to see and therefore need to be patrolled more often?

Detailed information about potential hazards at each individual facility, such as power connections or fire hazards, must also be known. For a safety concept, it is therefore elementary to know all the relevant information about the event situation and the companies involved and to visualize it.

True-to-scale plans as the basis for safety concepts

In this important work supports market master Pro. Because the software makes it possible to create a detailed plan made to measure. First of all, geo-based data, e.g. from the building authority or surveyor’s office, can be fed into the software in an uncomplicated way. The standard Microsoft Visio product, which is already available in most IT infrastructures, can then be used to place the carny operations to scale. Through the connection to the applicant database, all information about the placed showmen is available at the click of a mouse. The plan can thus be used not only to create an overview of placed showmen’s businesses, but also to illustrate at a glance all the safety information of the businesses (e.g. gas and electrical connections of the chargers).

Optimization of disengagement zones with the help of Marktmeister Pro

By using actual geographic data, disengagement zones can be incorporated into plans and escape and rescue routes can be optimized. In the event of a rescue operation, precise location information can be provided for the fire department and police. You will then immediately know which stores are placed at the corner of Street A and Street B during an operation and what to look out for. In an emergency, this can speed up the operation by precious minutes.

Instruction of all relevant partners

Organizers are obliged to pass on the relevant information to the partners involved, who are responsible for operational event security. These include, for example, the security service, the public order service, the police, paramedics and the fire department. But the showmen also need to know how to react in certain emergencies. Therefore, it is important that issued information can be adapted to the target audience.

Creation of individual lists from one source

Marktmeister Pro enables the creation of individual lists with access to the central database. Thus, various reports, lists or graphics can be exported and customized to meet the needs of different partners. By using a central source, manual errors are avoided and a smooth communication flow is supported.


The Marktmeister Pro team has been involved in planning a wide range of events and has a wealth of experience. We would be happy to help you make the best use of the software for planning your security concepts. Contact us for more information.

Event safety is one of the most important tasks of market masters and organizers (Photo source: Jonas Augustin)
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